We've adopted a more engaging approach, instead of the more traditional chess elo system where elo starts at 1000.

How it works
  • Elo starts at 0
  • If you lose your first game, your elo still becomes 1.
  • Your elo cannot decrease until you reach 100 elo.
  • After that, it's like a standard elo system, with a lower limit of 100 elo.

We feel this is the better suited system:

  • It avoids discouraging new players that lose their first games, because nobody likes having a negative elo
  • It slowly, slowly, pushes the upper boundary of elo upwards: players will naturally have to keep being active if they want to get to the top of (non-existing yet!) elo rankings!

We use the standard elo formula between two players, and when you play a multi-player game, we consider that you win against each opponent who scores lower than you during this game, and you lose against each opponent who scores better than you.

In multi-player games we consider a K factor of K * 3 / ( players + 1).

You K factor is 60 for the first ten games, then 40 up until 20th game, then 20.

Dropped player

If you dropped during the game, you will lose against every other not dropped player.

If someone else dropped during the game, you will win against the dropped player, but the matches against the other opponents are not considered for the elo.